Everything we do is inspired by nature

We believe nature is important to everything we do.

The smartest inventions, the most functional buildings, the fastest trains, the most beautiful art...all inspired by nature.

Nature is the foundation of our life, our shelter, our food, our fresh water, and our medicine.

Nature does nothing uselessly. It's intentional about its processes, yet it doesn't rush. Everything from seed dispersion to photosynthesis to precipitation is accomplished just as it should be, and when it's ready.

Nature is giving. And we can improve our lives by allowing ourselves to be inspired by nature. 

Our mission

After discovering the power of a natural lifestyle, we've made it our goal to design an abode that breathes pure, fresh air by using plants. We started Bamboo Abode to spread that message and share the benefits with others.

Why bamboo? Read more about why bamboo is such a perfect addition to the home.

Breathing life into our abode

We're 100% positive that a bamboo-filled home is a better place. In addition to being one of the world's most environmentally-friendly natural resources, bamboo is also a beautiful addition to a pure and fresh home.

We deliver style and substance to the ordinary home. Our high-quality, sustainable bamboo products are created with impeccable handcrafted natural wood that preserves the environment and looks great in the home.


If you're inspired by nature too, join us.

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