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3 Stunning Inventions Inspired by Nature's Beauty

The smartest inventions, the most streamlined buildings, the fastest trains, the most beautiful art...all directly inspired by nature.

Nature does nothing uselessly. It's intentional about its processes, yet it doesn't rush. Everything from seed dispersion to photosynthesis to precipitation is accomplished just as it should be, and when it's ready.

Because of this, it's no surprise that we can improve our lives by taking a cue from nature, using its smart designs as part of our society and our lives.

There are hundreds of instances of biomimicry: the modeling of a manmade structure after a natural phenomenon. But we've chosen three of the most thoughtful and most beautiful to share with you.

1. ArtScience Museum in Singapore



Singapore's stunning and environmentally-sensitive ArtScience Museum (also known as the Lotus Building) is based on the petals of the lotus flower, opening and revealing the popular museum in its centre.

The shape isn't the only "green" part of this design: the roof also collects light and rainwater for use within the museum.

2. Mercedes-Benz Bionic

The Mercedes-Benz Bionic was crafted specifically based on the unusual shape of the yellow boxfish. As its name suggests, the boxfish species is cube-shaped and dwells in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Why the boxfish? Boxfish are structurally sound, with a very robust body but low mass. Their low drag helps them float gently through the ocean only barely affected by the current. Boxfish also have a shape that naturally lends to the design of a car's carriage: carrying multiple passengers with ease.

3. Velcro

Possibly the most commercially successful example of biomimicry is velcro. In 1941, Swiss engineer George de Mestral and his dog emerged from a hunting trip in the Alps to find that his dog was covered in burrs. Upon examination, he noticed that the burrs were adorned with tiny hooks that helped them latch onto fur (and hair...and clothes...and skin!).

He worked with this idea for a bit and, before he knew it, had a patent for velcro in 1955.


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