3 Reasons Bamboo Belongs in the Modern Home

We’re 100% sure that a bamboo-filled home is a better place.

In addition to being one of the world's most environmentally-friendly natural resources, bamboo is also a beautiful addition to a pure and fresh home. Loved for its versatility, durability, and sustainability, bamboo wood can be made into almost anything: kitchen utensils, flower pots, clothing, flooring, and building materials are just a few examples.

And on top of it all, it looks beautiful and fills the room with a natural, organic, and elemental vibe.

Here are three reasons why we think bamboo belongs in every modern home.

Modern home with bamboo 

  1. Bamboo is truly environmentally-friendly

It’s 100% biodegradable, and unlike plastic or metal, will break down completely in soil by microorganisms and sunlight without causing any pollution to the environment.

Bamboo is an amazing alternative to plastic, which can take thousands of years to decompose, or aluminium, which can take between 450-500 years to break down.


  1. Bamboo is incredibly renewable

The woods most commonly used to make furniture include pine, maple, oak, or cedar trees, and often must grow for more than 20 years before they’re ready for harvest.

Bamboo can be harvested in only about three or four years after planting! By choosing bamboo, you’re helping to keep bamboo farmers in work and the industry to continue to thrive.

Did you know? Some species of bamboo grow more than one meter (three feet) per day.

  1. Bamboo is naturally pest-resistant

Bamboo doesn’t need any fertilizers or chemicals. It’s happy, healthy, naturally pest-resistant, and safe for the home. And on top of all of that, it’s light, fresh, and looks beautiful too!


Using bamboo for the home is an amazing way to breathe new life into your living space. It’s not only beneficial for your home and for the environment, but it’s also easy to do!


What's your favourite way to make your home feel more alive, more fresh, more comfortable? Some of our favourites are keeping plants indoors, diffusing essential oils, and, of course, using plenty of bamboo. Leave a comment letting us know!


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